Viva Whole Citron Tea


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All Natural Ingredients: pu-erh tea, dried whole citron


  • Fancy-grade Pu-erh Tea
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No Calories
  • No Sugar
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Preservatives


Viva Whole Citron Tea is truly one of a kind. We selected the finest grade black tea from Asia and packed the tea into dried whole citrons. This allows the rich and earthy flavors of Pu-erh Tea to blend with the refreshing delicate taste of citron. 


This extraordinary combination offers richness from the pure black tea and a hint of sweetness from the dried citron. Dark full-bodied tea with an irresistible citrus aroma.


The tea is packed into dried whole citrons then wrapped and sealed. It is ready to be brewed after unwrapping, you do not need to remove the tea from the citron or break it open. No filter or tea bag required, simply drop the whole citron into your teapot and add hot water.


Each bag contains 10 citron tea balls.


Brewing instructions: 

1. Unwrap a citron tea ball then drop it into your teapot. 

2. Pour boiling water and let brew for 8 mins or longer for a darker strength tea.

3. Pour into your teacup & enjoy!


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